Extended Bio

Matt Beardsley, MFA

I remember the day, years ago, when my wife, Laurie, and I decided to move to San Francisco and pursue commercial and editorial photography.  At the time, we were living in Santiago, Chile and working for the Presbyterian Church.

While working for the church, I served on countless disaster response teams to various points around the globe, gradually falling more and more in love with the power of photography for story telling and communicating.  One trip in particular, to Tsunami-ravaged Tamil Sri Lanka, lead to my first publications and set the idea for my future studio in motion.

Since coming to the Bay Area, I’ve received an MFA in commercial photography from the Academy of Art University and been able to collaborate with a wide range of clients, publishers, and organizations.  My photography has evolved from documentary style (my undergraduate degree is in Journalism from the University of North Carolina, Asheville) to lit, produced, and polished editorial portraiture and filmmaking.

I enjoyed having my short film, Eighth Street, be well received at Oakland’s New Parkway Theater, and have especially enjoyed using video as a tool for positive social activism in my Oakland community.  As an important element of my studio’s presence on our city, we donate one video production every quarter to a non-profit cause that would otherwise be unable to commission such services.  Several such projects can be found under the “.org” section of my Motion Portfolio.

Moving forward, it is my goal for the studio to grow, to connect with new collaborators and subjects, and to grow every day as an artist, photographer, and filmmaker.  I live in Oakland, CA with my wife and three sons.