High-Power Science at SLAC National Lab

A series of images illustrating the work of engineers and scientists in the MEC hutch of SLAC’s LCLS experiment.

Soichi Wakatsuki at SLAC National Lab

professor of photon science at SLAC and of structural biology at the Stanford School of Medicine

Chi-Chang Kao, SLAC Director

SLAC Director, creating our future

Andre Thierry, Zydeco, Fire, & Bad-A** Accordion

San Francisco Bay Area Zydeco master, Andre Thierry, from a studio shoot

Bendable Crystals Inside one of the World’s Biggest Lasers

High power physics at SLAC, The National Accelerator Lab

The 16th Street Station, Oakland, CA

A short documentary-style promotional video advocating an Oakland Icon

SSRL X-Ray Lab Experiment

A summer intern working on an x-ray experiment at SLAC, the National Accelerator Lab

Zydeco Master, Andre Thierry

From a jam session in the MBPhoto studio in Oakland, CA

San Francisco Bay Panoramas

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