Soichi Wakatsuki at SLAC National Lab

professor of photon science at SLAC and of structural biology at the Stanford School of Medicine

Chi-Chang Kao, SLAC Director

SLAC Director, creating our future

Andre Thierry, Zydeco, Fire, & Bad-A** Accordion

San Francisco Bay Area Zydeco master, Andre Thierry, from a studio shoot

Bendable Crystals Inside one of the World’s Biggest Lasers

High power physics at SLAC, The National Accelerator Lab

The 16th Street Station, Oakland, CA

A short documentary-style promotional video advocating an Oakland Icon

SSRL X-Ray Lab Experiment

A summer intern working on an x-ray experiment at SLAC, the National Accelerator Lab

Zydeco Master, Andre Thierry

From a jam session in the MBPhoto studio in Oakland, CA

San Francisco Bay Panoramas

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As a maritime photographer, I blend commercial and editorial experience with a drive for energetic and iconic imagery of life and play on the water.