Photo Illustrations

Underwater shoot, a swimmer for Saint Mary’s College

Capturing athletic images for a snazzy rec center grand opening

A studio set with the Bay Area’s finest Zydeco musician

High-Power Science at SLAC National Lab

A series of images illustrating the work of engineers and scientists in the MEC hutch of SLAC’s LCLS experiment.

Andre Thierry, Zydeco, Fire, & Bad-A** Accordion

San Francisco Bay Area Zydeco master, Andre Thierry, from a studio shoot

Bendable Crystals Inside one of the World’s Biggest Lasers

High power physics at SLAC, The National Accelerator Lab

SSRL X-Ray Lab Experiment

A summer intern working on an x-ray experiment at SLAC, the National Accelerator Lab

Baby Matthew Takes Flight

A bright new future for a flying baby


A human fireball on an abandoned Alameda runway


Riding through California’s Altamont Pass