Jerome Love, Lighting Designer

An artist profile, filmed in a small garage

Theoretical Particle Physicist

An interview with SLAC’s Jay Wacker

Wine to Water, Bonne Nouvelle

a 1-minute promo for a awesome fundraiser

O Light That Knew No Dawn

Eric GIlbert leads the congregation at Christ Church Berkeley in his contemporary arrangement of this fourth century hymn

Rubicon Bakery, A New Day

Tasty baked goods and a life-changing mission

Vacuum Microwave Device Devision, A Profile

A brief look at men making magic science machines

East Oakland Block Party

Oakland’s Rev. Harry Williams, and a 3-min. vignette on the struggle against violent crime

An Interview with CEO, Tim Guertin

The outgoing top executive at Varian, and a champion in the fight against cancer

Turning Wine Into Water

A promotional video for a meaningful winemaking project