UC Berkeley, Darfur Cookstove Casestudy

An editorial video project in the rain for the creators of the Berkeley Darfur Stove

Accelerating Particles with Plasma

Scientists teach electrons to surf, making a way more compact accelerator

Girls in Engineering for UC Berkeley

Blasting stereotypes for a better future for all

A Look Inside SLAC’s Battery Lab

The future of battery technology, one button cell at a time

Stanford University – a Quick Video for a New Lab

A simple editorial piece for a unique graduate program

SLAC All Access: SPEAR

A look inside the SPEAR3 ring

Berkeley Engineering Student Groups

A quick series of standup interviews for UC Berkeley’s College of Engineering

Gamma-ray Space Telescope

A brief video introducing a unique space telescope

UC Berkeley’s Fung Institute

An introduction to the Fung Institute at the University of California at Berkeley