What is a Femtosecond? SLAC National Accelerator Lab

Crazy science on the tiniest of scales, using a mile-long x-ray laser

Aerial Reel, The Seven Hills School

Showcasing a beautiful campus from the air

Live Webstream: UC Berkeley, College of Engineering Graduations

Live, wireless, multi-cam video coverage

U.C. Berkeley, The Blum Center

An introductory mini-doc for the University’s hub for poverty alleviation

Swimmer, an aerial filming demo

A swimmer at Saint Mary’s College, filmed by a drone

Topping Out Ceremony at Cal, Using a Drone

UC Berkeley reaches halfway on an awesome new engineering building

UC Berkeley, Darfur Cookstove Casestudy

An editorial video project in the rain for the creators of the Berkeley Darfur Stove

Accelerating Particles with Plasma

Scientists teach electrons to surf, making a way more compact accelerator