“Win At Christmas This Year” for Man Crates

A 60-second commercial for the good people at the online gift company, Man Crates

A new Sungevity Solar Array from the air

An aerial reel showing off an exciting new solar array on UC Berkeley’s campus.

“The Ramen Connoisseur” for Man Crates

A little studio kung-fu for the good people at Man Crates

Swimmer, an aerial filming demo

A swimmer at Saint Mary’s College, filmed by a drone

Creative Wood, a Commercial Mini-Doc

A cool East Oakland custom furniture company

Denise E. Smith, Book Trailer

A cinematic introduction to an inspiring new book

Jerome Love, Lighting Designer

An artist profile, filmed in a small garage

Rubicon Bakery, A New Day

Tasty baked goods and a life-changing mission

An Interview with CEO, Tim Guertin

The outgoing top executive at Varian, and a champion in the fight against cancer