Motorini Test Shoot

A camera gimbal, a drone, a Vespa, and a warm winter day in Oakland CA with a few friends

JC Penney, #HereIAm Video

A video for JC Penney profiling body-image-positive influencers and mixing vlog and documentary techniques

Man Crates, Adventures in Customer Service

A story told with some talented lip syncing. And my acting debut

Rev. Jones and and East Oakland Revival

A community leader in East Oakland is on the front lines of a homeless crisis in Oakland, CA

Sun Down Over East Oakland

An aerial reel of clips from an on-going documentary production in East Oakland

UCSF Anatomy Lab Virtual Reality

A video introduction to innovative use of virtual reality in teaching anatomy

Man Crates, The Pizza Grilling Crate

Cooking a pizza, with fire, for the good people at Man Crates

UCSF Mission Bay Medical Center, Aerial Reel

Drone aerial cinematography for UCSF’s newest campus