I’m a visual artist and a bit of a nerd.  Cameras, lenses, lights, fast computers, and so many other tools of the trade are all very interesting to me, I have to admit.  Heck, it was fun to set up a new 50 TB server in our studio, to fly a camera-packing 15-lb. 6-rotor RC helicopter over the streets of West Oakland, and to set up and light a mock class room atop one of Oakland’s tallest buildings for a sun-rise magazine shoot.  Yeah, I love that stuff!

I am a nerd, it’s true, but that’s just one element of the work my studio does.  More important than even ISO, Watts, or FPS, is a devotion to storytelling and to work that has meaningful interest to my community and to my clients.

My studio offers a unique blend of journalism, editorial photography, documentary videography, and commercial interest.  Be it in editorial portraiture, documentary filmmaking, social media and press release images, or a commercial or corporate video, I approach each creative project with the intention to capture honest, compelling, and beautiful content.

Clients include numerous California and national publications and companies, including Teach for America, Pfizer, UC Berkeley, Genentech, The US Department of Energy, The Port Of San Francisco, URI, and Stanford University, as well as numerous regional companies, musicians, non-profits, and individuals.

I offer photography, filmmaking, and consultation on every aspect of photography and video production.  I am an experienced and well-trained photographer and DP, and – of course – have all the fun tools.


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