Hello and thank you for the interest in my work. I am a filmmaker and photographer. I split my time between commercial and documentary production and love to meet new collaborators and take on interesting projects.

I approach every project first as a journalist, storyteller, and cinematographer; and secondly as a huge camera nerd with all the right tools 🤓

I have an MFA in commercial photography, a BA in journalism, and 10 yrs of industry experience. I produce, direct, edit, and shoot; and roll deep with a great team.  To stay engaged with my community, I also provide a video production, free of cost, to a non profit in Oakland each quarter.

I’m an FAA-certified drone pilot with a little fleet of UAVs, including a custom-built Red Scarlet-W-equipped Gryphon Dynamics cinema drone, an Inspire 2, and a 50-lb, 40 mph, Movi Pro-equipped RC rig. I own and operate 2 DSMC2 Red cameras, Kino lighting, a solid location audio kit, etc.

Video, in its countless forms and presentations, might be our generation’s greatest tool for mass communication, and it can be entertaining, beautiful, and informative. I bring creative energy & deep experience to every project I take on. And I love it


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